Le club "13&Co."- l'organisation républicaine de personnes souffrant de troubles mentaux et leurs proches.




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Since 1998 the quarterly newspaper The News of Club 13& Co. has been published.
(fresh No. 35)

In 1998 the first calendar in Lithuania with paintings of psychiatric patients Visions (Vizijos) was published. In 2002 the Club published the second calendar Reflections (Atspindziai), in 2003 – the third – Signs (Zenklai).

Visions (1998)
Reflections (2002)
Signs (2003)

The Booklet (2002)
The Booklet (2005)

In 1999 the first collection of verses by the Club members Windmills reached Lithuanian readers.



Contacts: Parko 15, LT-11205, Vilnius, Lituanie, tel.:(+370)-5-267-06-13, fax: (+370)-5-267-15-03. N° du Compte bancaire:LT347300010002464311, bank: AB"Hansabankas" Rotuses skyrius, kodas 73000
E-mail: info@club13.lt